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Led made in Europe

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Our LED light bars offer superior performance, a great ease of use and unique fashionable design.

The bars are designed and produced in Italy and all parts of them are available as spare from our company.

The LED bars are available in 13 different sizes, from the lenght of 25 up to 200cm. The aluminum body is available in 8 anodized colors and the color temperature of white light may be choosen between 3000K, 4000K and 5700K.

The brightness is min. 1300 lumen/mt @ 4000K.

Additional colors are available upon request, also the brightness may be modified as part of a new project to be agreed with the customer.

We offer a choice between 2 light diffusers having an angle of 96° (flat shape) o 120° (square shape).

The electronic circuit is hidden inside the body, so that all the entire length of the lamp is bright and free of dark zones.

All bars work at 24Vcc and an external dedicated power supply may be purchased separately. Our led drivers may be provided with all cables and plugs connected or without them.

When using our e-commerce website, the users can choose from the basic economic led bar, without switch and electronic controller, up to the most sophisticated one, well equipped with infrared remote control and touch dimmer.

Users create their own light bar using the filters, then choosing all the further features they want: length, color, diffuser, touch switch, touch dimmer, night light, sleep timer, remote control.

By combining the different technical features and performance, the users can choose from over 2000 different models that we can ship within 3 days from the order.

One of the most interesting electronic functions is the double touch dimmer, which allows to vary the brightness from 0 to 100% in only 7 seconds, moreover it allows to adjust "step by step" the level of illumination with great accuracy up to 1000 touches.

A soft blue light allows you to find the touch switch in the dark, also to dimly illuminate the room. The blue light is even used to set the auto power off function.

All bars are provided with screws, dowels and self adhesive stripes to allow the fastening on almost all surfaces. An optional magnetic kit is available to fix the light bar on magnetic surfaces (e.g. iron) or not-magnetic (e.g. aluminum, wood, plastic and other).


LED MADE IN EUROPE ™  is a trademark of Lyra Consulenze Industriali Srl – Ivrea (TO) Italy.

LED light bars 20x20 mm available in 13 lengths and 8 colors of body

Pink violet LED light bar with IR remote control, diffuser 120° angle, 3000K

The body in aluminum is available in the following 8 anodized colors

The 24Vcc cable comes out in the rear (it is invisible)

The 24Vcc cable come out in the side (it is visible)

LED light bar fastened over a glass surface

LED light bars fastened over metal cabinet with magnetic fixing kit

Dimensions of the aluminum frame. Angle of lighting using flat or square diffuser




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